21 May

Soil Moisture sensor with ESP-12F


This is my second project with ESP8266. I couldn’t find much of info or help regarding in majority of ESP8266 forums. My target is to build a automated irrigation system based on soil moisture sensor data, start the drop irrigation and based on temperature and humidity, starting the mister.

In this blog, I am going to describe how to connect ESP12F with Soil Moisture sensor(YL-69) and publish the soil moisture data to www.thingspeak.com channel.


  1. ESP-12
  2. YL-69 Soil moisture sensor
  3. 12v Power supply (This is needed for my future work, not mandatory for this project)
  4. 3.3v & 5v Bread board power supply.
  5. 1K resistor – 2 numbers.
  6. 8M2 resistor
  7. Wires needed.

Lets start:

First connect ESP-12F to UART USB interface for pushing the program. For this ESP need to be in programming mode, connect GPIO0 and Ground after which reboot/reset the board. Once ESP-12 is powered on with in 30 seconds flashing should be started.



Demo Video Here:

Live Soil Moisture data: